Venison: Organic before it was cool & Weekly Meal Plan

Saturday my husband harvested a 9 point buck. We were so proud and happy for him. We spent most of the day Sunday processing the deer. I know many people get excited about their gardens in the summer. I completely understand because I'm the same way about venison. Deer is the original organic meal! There are many different ways to use venison and some people are frightened by the idea of trying this very healthy versatile meat. The World's Healthiest Foods has a great article about Venison and its many benefits to you(including nutritional facts, storage info and recipes.) I hope you walk away from this meal plan today with an interest for Deer and all venison. Look for more recipes in the future but for now lets get to the planning. Again thank you to my provider for stocking our freezer pantry for the winter. What a blessing!

Spanish Ground Venison & Rice (I'm trading the ground beef for ground venison. No fat!)
Easy Chicken Pot Pie
Slow Cooker Venison Roast with Potatoes, Onions & Carrots
Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole
Leftover Buffet

Have a great week!



April said...

The SPanish ground venison sounds good! My hubby is so excited to go hunting this week and we're hoping he gets lucky cuz I want to try this recipe out! :-) Thanks for sharing.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Thanks for the sweet comment of my blog. It is that time of year, lots of venison.

Veggiemomof2 said...

My husband & daughter came home w/2 deer this year. I'm so glad to see others out there like me! We use venison for anything that calls for beef except hamburger patties.

Doctors told us the reason kids are physically maturing so early is because of the additive & chemicals & junk in our meats & foods. My daughter isn't having that problem ;)

Rachel said...

My dad went hunting all last week, but unfortunately, wasn't able to get anything... Bummer!! However, he still has a freezer full of venison, so I am going to steal some and try some of your recipes! Thanks!!

CaseyDeuce said...

I was just working on my next MPM and I had just mentioned I was looking for venison recipes- I may try your spanish venison recipe!! Thanks!!