Weekly Meal Plan

So we have a lot of leftovers. I mean a LOT of leftovers. So what do we do with them all? We can't possibly eat the same dinner for a week can we? Well if The Halton Mom had her way, we would but these kids will turn their noses up in a heartbeat. So I'm going to perform a little magic and turn these leftovers into something new. I've been looking for recipes for leftovers and honestly if I see one more Turkey Tetranzzi I'm going to burst. I'm going to try something a little different. I'm going to try and make this Mission Impossible, possible, fasten your seat belts.

Objective #1 Mr. Gobbles our main dish will be bagged, tagged, and frozen of course but before we say goodbye we'll take some of him and place him into this yumm-a-licious dish.
Creamy Chicken(or Mr. Gobbles) Spaghetti
Objective #2 tackle the lump of Mac and Cheese. What to do what to do? We need different. How about...Chili!
Chili Mac my mouth is watering already, I can even throw some of Mr. Gobbles in if I wish!
Objective #3 Mashed Potatoes. Yeah the bland gravy boat waiting to happen, always lingers far to long in this house. How do we get rid of him and maybe even his Green pals the Beans and maybe even whats left of the Gravy?
Shepard's Pie
And finally..Leftovers that do not resemble your Thanksgiving dinner!
There you have it folks Mission Accomplished. Now I'll only have to do this again one more time this year! I sincerely hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one with full bellies and happy memories. Now its time for Christmas Tree trimming in The Halton Mom's house.

As always you can find more great meal plans at orgjunkie! Have a great week.


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