Coupon: Olan Mills

So what am I doing today? See you don't really want to know. lol I'm going to be taking my 6 year old and 2 year old out to get photos done. I know all the mothers reading are cringing right now. We have an appointment at 4pm. I have the 2 year old napping so hopefully that will help. The 6 year old is either hard headed or not listening. I think the moment you put a Christmas tree up a child's brain starts to malfunction and all they can think of is Santa..Santa..Santa! She is in her room cleaning it. Maybe I can convince her that Santa will reward her for waxing the floor? Nahh too much. I just love how a kid's mind works, but alas it is not fair to manipulate it. *sigh* We have 22 days to wait, aww to have no concept of time. Well I've babbled on to get to this point. I wanted to share a coupon I hunted down for my photo fun. Blah. Prayers are needed. lol

Click here for a printable Olan Mills coupon.

Have a great day!

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