Review: How to Be Famous by Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Have you heard of these two? I know right, the laughs begin or the eyes start to roll the moment I think of them. But I have to admit over the years the infamous Speidi has grown on me. But I have often asked myself why are these people everywhere I look? They have to have some kind of magic potion. They are not actors or sports stars they're just reality stars. Sub-characters to boot! I was curious really curious. Honestly I've thought, I need a bottle of what they are using or at least an instruction guide. lol Leave to Speidi to come through for me! They've written a book folks one that chronicles their rise to the top. With quirky tidbits on how to "unlock the secrets of celebrity couple math" to ways to "Increase your capacity for evil with Spencer's "Villain-o-meter". The entire book is very tongue in cheek. You'll walk away from it with a lot more 'like' for these two I promise whether it be like or dislike is up too you though. They really cracked me up. The book was a huge page turner complete with pictures. I don't know about you but I love pictures. All I could do was laugh and shake my head at their shameless, no apologees guide to fame. I recommend you pick one up and pass it along to a friend. We all need a good laugh and these two once again deliver! If you're too shy to buy one at the local bookstore I suggest picking one up online. They retail for $19.99, Spencer says that's about 4 OK! Magazines lol.

I want to thank the great people of the Hachette Book Group for the opportunity to review this book. Also a huge thanks to The Product Review Place for connecting me with this sponsor.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for my review of this book. I received a free copy to review which did not effect my opinion or this review. These are my opinions ones that you may not share.


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