Buzz Lightyear to Space Command...There's a Snake in my Boot!

My 2 year old has a new obsession. A few weeks ago in an attempt to get some things done around here I plopped our Toy Story 1&2 DVDs in the XBOX for the kids to watch. I love Toy Story I think it is one of the better movies Disney has put out in years. I'm also super excited that they are making a 3rd installment! But...you knew there was a but didn't you? How many times can you watch the same 2 movies without loosing your mind? I've been greeted every morning with, "Moma? Where's Woody?" or at night with, "Moma...Woody go nite nite?" My son would watch it every second of every day if I let him. I'm really glad I like this movie so much but I'm beginning to loose it. So here I am again asking my readers for guidance. What movies do you all recommend that are like Toy Story? He didn't really get into the Lion King that much but I'm determined to show it again. If I can get him to stop screaming, "Woody?! Woody?! Hoorah!!" Which admittedly is very cute. I just want my tv back. lol So any ideas? Having the same troubles? Comment...I love comments. :) "So play...NICE!"


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