Clutter Fairy Victim #12,345,678,910


I've been targeted by the illusive Clutter Fairy folks. This trick has treated me pretty horribly. That photo above is my basement. Pick your jaws up okay! That's the cleanest part of my basement right now. Two and half years of chemotherapy, doctor visits, seemingly endless puke buckets, and weeks of isolation hasn't been good to my basement. When my daughter was diagnosed we lived in the hospital and our stuff was brought here in boxes and there it has stayed. We pretty much started all over due to immunity restrictions. She couldn't be around alot of dust or bacteria. We were afraid to really get into organizing it and making her sick. But now she is all done with treatment and the basement is coming upstairs pleading with us to clean it. My husband is organizing things right now. He's determined but I'm just not motivated. I don't know where to start really. So I come to my new group of followers and loyal readers to ask. What do I do about my basement? I want links, tips, videos, blog posts, any and everything you can bring me. I need your guidance. My basement needs you, my garage needs you and the Clutter Fairy needs to be laid off. Help. me. PLEASE!


Tara said...

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Kimberly said...

WOW! I have to say...at least you have a damn good reason for the basement looking like this. My Oh My...My husband has a collection of antique machines that mill crap, and his (HIS) basement looks worse. He is now telling me he NEEDS a Bridgeport (another HUGE milling machine). I told him that he has to clean the basement first.

Don't feel bad there is worse out there.

Hope you have a blessed day.

Brittney said...

make you 3 piles.. keep.. trash..donate. I take it if its been there a while that most of the stuff your not missing. Once u get rid of the other 2 piles you can organize the keep pile. I dont know if that helps but when Im cleaning and organizing thats what i do.

Kim - House Cleaning Howtos said...

Hi - At least you're honest about the situation. Just this morning I added two more objects to our basement treasure trove - one extraordinarily loud vacuum that still works but I had to replace for my sanity, and a pair of skis my husband bought second hand and then found out they no longer sell boots to fit them. The biggest problem for me is that is very hard to just throw stuff like this away, so I get stuck (especially with the larger objects). I am determined to figure it out though because this is the year my basement and attic are getting cleared. The one thing I do know about decluttering is that it is much easier to just do a little bit each day. Set a timer for 15 minutes and toss the give aways in one box, the throw aways in another, and the keeps in another. When the timer goes off, you're done for the day. Good luck!

PeasOut said...

Let me know if you figure out how to get rid of the Clutter Fairy! We have one who lives in my office, and I need her gone! ;)

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The Halton Mom said...

Wow ladies thanks for all the great feedback and understanding. We got a whole lot done yesterday. We've got too much left to do but we've made a dent. I'll be sure and post a photo when it is clean. So stay tuned lol...this may take awhile.

Tracie said...

My basement is pretty bad too. And I'm not brave enough to post pictures of it! Have you heard of The Flylady? If not, try her.