Happy UnResolution New Year!

Okay. So lets talk Resolutions...I don't like em'. Yep, I'm one of those people. See I hate a broken promise and I feel like a Resolution is nothing but a broken promise to yourself. Another reason to feel bad that you didn't do something you said you would. So no I'm not making any. You won't see those posts from me about "Blogger Resolutions" although this probably counts as one. lol The thing is I'm doing this blog my way and promising my readers that I'll do X,Y, & Z puts pressure on me and I don't like pressure. Pressure makes me cranky. Which makes my blog a whole lot less fun. Are you a Happy UnResolution New Year person like me? Or are you one of those Resolution lovers that are determined to change my mind? Well tell me about it then...I'm listening. :D


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