How can you have Dixie without the Chick?

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Many of you may have heard by now that the Dixie Chicks have a new album in the works. Which would be great news for this fan but we have one problem. Natalie Maines will not be joining the trio on this new album. Seriously? You expect a fan of this group to purchase an album without the signature vocals? One of the most stand out unforgettable voices in country music? Really? I mean... really? I know I know...she said a "bad" thing (insert eye roll here)big whoopdity do! She had an opinion and she voiced it. She had the guts to stand behind it too. So go Natalie! I love honest people. Fakery makes me sick. So again I ask why are we not having Natalie on the album? Oh they say Natalie's still apart of the the trio she's just not on this album. Okay BUT why? I want to know. I deserve to know. I want my real Dixie Chick. I'm not sure I'll be purchasing an album at this point. If I do it will be because this New Dixie Chicks album will have a sound all its own that I can't resist. The purchase unfortunately will not be based on new music from a favorite band. Because whatever they put out...well...it may be Dixie but it won't be chick. I have no hate towards the sisters, Natalie, the label any of that. I just want a reason as a fan. I'm no die hard. I don't have chick tats but I do love them and I want a explanation. So sorry gals until I get one...I'm just not ready to make nice.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, one you may not share. I found the link at Yahoo while web surfing. I have no affiliation with them or the writer of the article, nor do I share their opinions.


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