Review: Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash

Okay...I'll admit it. I'm a snob for homemade. If I go in a restaurant and the name of an item says 'homemade' I am more apt to purchase that item. So when my sister in law said that Ore-Ida Steam n' Mash taters were just like homemade and her 3 men couldn't tell the difference in the taters. I had to try them. I may like homemade but I looove easy. lol So off I went in search of these Steam n' Mashers for my Thanksgiving meal and they were no where to be found. Undoubtedly, word of mouth was working in the spud's favor. Needless to say I was even more intrigued after going to 3 different grocery stores! The hound dog that my husband is was determined to find them and luckily we had 2 bags for Christmas... After ruining the first bag by not following the directions properly. We got the second bag on the table.
Here's the scoop. They were good, but they were not homemade. As a stand alone dish, no gravy, no butter you will be able to tell they've been frozen. I would say that on top of Shepard's Pie or covered in gravy they are a very sneaky substitute. The texture is just different from my taters and no matter how long I whipped them they still had that 'I was frozen' texture. They won't replace your Moma's spuds but they sure will impress a new boyfriend that doesn't know you're not the greatest cook. They're also really great for a quick fix! Click the button above and print a coupon for $1 off a bag then try them for yourself.

Disclaimer: This is an honest opinion from The Halton Mom and I was not paid for my opinion. Nor did I receive a free product. This is only my opinion which may differ from yours.


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