Freebies: Crosswalk= Free Israel DVD

I woke up this morning to find another great Mother's Day gift in my inbox! Crosswalk is hosting a freebie for all those interested in "visiting" the Holy Land. I've order mine and the form is really simple. Your page will reload and inform you that your DVD will arrive in 3-4 weeks. Here is a little bit from Crosswalk about the DVD.

When you visit Israel, you’ll never be the same! Now you can request a complimentary Israel DVD and see unforgettable video of the Holy Land for yourself – absolutely free!

The Israel Ministry of Tourism invites you to find out why Israel is more than exciting – it’s life-changing! The free “You’ll Never Be the Same” DVD features incredible footage of Israel with the official “You’ll Never Be the Same” song.

Your heart will be inspired by this stirring DVD. Request your free personal copy from the Israel Ministry of Tourism today!

Simply click here to request your free Israel DVD.

Then visit Israel – You’ll never be the same!

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Have a blessed week!

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