It's just My Opinion: Check Engine Light Soon, Uggh.

I have never had a brand new vehicle in my lifetime. The first car I ever had a was an 88 red Chevy Beretta and let me tell you it was worthless. I didn’t get it until 99, it had been working hard for years. By the time it came to me it would die if you didn’t keep your foot on the gas at all times. I pushed it out of the road more then once. Did you know you must put a car back in Neutral before it will start? Yea, learned that the hard way a long time ago. Why is it that men are born with the ability to fix these things and we are just not?

This got me thinking yesterday after looking at my “Check Engine Soon” light for the umpteenth time. I’ve told several men in my family about this light and here are some of the answers I got.

The question:

My “Check Engine Soon” light is on, why?

The answer:
(If you can call it that.)

- Ignore it. (If I could ignore it we would not be discussing it.)
- Those lights come on all the time maybe it’s a short in the wiring. (Well shouldn’t that be checked? Shorts cause fires, right?!)
- Oh, you can reset that light so it won’t bother you anymore. (But what about the problem inside the car?!)
-Checked the oil and you got plenty of gas so I don't know. (I didn't say the fuel and oil lights were on!!!)
-Well I looked under the hood and I have no clue. (Really? I guess you can go back to walking in rooms and waiting for your missing things to jump out at you, now.)
- I need to take it to the shop I just haven’t had time.(Said while sitting in a recliner holding the remote.)
- I know what it is I just haven’t had time to get to it. (See above.)
- I got to get the parts I need. (So you are saying, Napa is closed on Saturdays at noon then?)

This list could go on and on and on. I’ve heard the above from several men over the course of my life (Mechanics, my brother, dad, husband, and everyone of their male friends.) I often wonder if men refuse to totally fix things. My reasoning, is if they did they would have nothing left to do. What have you heard from the men or women in your life about that infamous Check Engine Soon light? I would love to hear from you all. I could use the laugh. More importantly can someone tell me why my Check Engine Soon light is on and how I can fix it?!

Hey, I need the help and I’m tired of waiting for an answer from the men in my life no offense guys…its, just MY opinion, this shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

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