Weekly Meal Plan

This weekend we had a lot of fun. We celebrated Hallie at the annual Survivor Picnic. This is always a bittersweet event for us. Balloons are released for those lost. I wanted to share a photo of that beautifully sad moment. Please take a moment to pray for that cure.

Thank you.

How about some meal planning?
Chicken Fajitas
Sandra Lee’s Slowcooker Potted Lasagna
Salmon Patties, Taters, and Corn
Poverty Meal
Leftover Buffet

Yummm-O I’m hungry, now. My family loves the Poverty Meal it is just too easy, filling, and a great way to sneak in veggies! I haven’t had the Lasagna in awhile and it won't last because it is sooo delicious. I hope you try out these great recipes and try meal planning today. Visit the org junkie for 100s of meal plans, tips, and ideas! And you can always subscribe to The Halton Mom to qualify for giveaways and read more meal plans!

If you would like to know how you can help make the cure happen. Scroll down and click the "Help Hallie Fight Cancer" button on the left.

Happy Monday!

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~Lisa~ said...

I haven't stopped by in awhile and I hope you're doing well. What a great way to remember. Great meal planning (=

The Halton Mom said...

Thanks Lisa, you are always so sweet. I truly appreciate all of your comments. :)