Free: Personalized Father's Day Card - Treat.com

How cute is that? Maybe its just my kids but that's a NICE card. It has photos on the inside and one small picture on the back with a little customizable "made by" section. Here is the great news...it was FREE. Treat.com is offering new members a free Father's Day card you can personalize yourself!
 Look at my checkout below...

Told you! They do ask for a credit card number but mine was not charged. As soon as I got my confirmation number I went into my account and deleted the CC number. Easy easy and too good to pass up.

Here's how to get one of your own!

1.Head over to Treat.com and sign up for an account.
2.Select a card.
3.Click "Personalize"
4.Make a beautiful card!
5.Preview your work.
6. Choose your shipping & other options. I stuck with free. ;)
7. Head to checkout.
8. Drop " TREATDAD " in the promo code box just above your Grand Total.
9. Add your CC info. This would be a good time to use those prepaids from Christmas with $2 left on it. ;)
10. Check out and you will see you have your card on its way, FREE of charge.

Remember you can go to your account to remove your CC info as soon as you get your confirmation number.

Pass this one on to your friends and family! I mean who doesn't love FREE?

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