Free Dr. Seuss Activity book at Education.com and MUCH MORE!

FREE Dr. Seuss Activity Book 214x300 FREE Dr. Seuss Activity Book

You can download a FREE Dr. Seuss Activity Book from Education.com! Oh and if you missed it on my Facebook page just a little FYI. You will need to sign up with your email or facebook account. No worries its free too!

 Here is more on the Dr. Seuss Activity Book:

Inspired by the wonderful work of Dr. Seuss, this 20-page activity booklet is full of reading, math, and most importantly, fun! With rhyming games, easy addition, and other activities to keep young ones happy, this is one Seussational printable to celebrate the spirit of learning!

I absolutely fell in love with this website. There are 1000s of printables and workbooks and you can search them by age or grade level. There is an entire section on Father's Day too.
Go check it out! Your kids will thank you and so with their noggins. >O.O<


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