Weekly Meal Plan 6/25

Pepper Steak Recipe
photo credit: Taste of Home 

Hey good looking, whatcha got cooking? Welcome to another edition of THM's Weekly Meal Plan! The first day of Summer has come and we are reaping the rewards of the gardeners in our family. This meal plan will reflect that. As I sit here typing this up, my pressure cooker is bubbling away with quart jars full of fresh garden green beans. Thank you Granny and Grandaddy Lane!

And because of my generous family, my meal plan will go as follows. Do keep in mind that this changes like the wind. We can be busy running errands and end up getting take-out and the planned meals get moved around. This is my plan, if nothing happens. LOL Cross your fingers its a good week. ;-) We do have a fair coming up and I just can't pass up fair food. Can you?

Pepper Steak and Egg Noodles made with Venison Steaks
Garden Green Beans with Potatoes, Squash Casserole, and Sliced Tomatoes with Cottage Cheese and Lemon Pepper to taste
Easy and Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas and Chips with Homemade Pico de Gallo
Crock Pot Roasted Sticky Chicken, Leftover Casserole and Green Beans
Fair Food! Mmm yummy... lol! :-p

Enjoy your week and be sure and share your plans with me in the comments. I'm always looking for new ideas. I can get in a rut so easily. Join me over at orgjunkie.com if you need help with your planning like I do.
Thanks for reading and happy planning. =)

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