11 Nook Books from Barnes & Noble...FREE!

  1. The Carpenter Who Saved Christmas by: Wally Scott
  2. I Dont Need To Read by: Alma Sanchez
  3. Alvins Farm Book 4: The Farm at Sam Jennys by: Anna Scott Graham
  4. The Writers Pad E-zine Volume I Fall 2012
  5. Ghosts Dont Trick or Treat by: Tracy Lane
  6. The Insanity of Zero by: Michael Offutt
  7. Good Luck, Fatty?! by: Maggie Bloom
  8. Jars of Clay by: Lee Strauss
  9. Tide Pools by: Stephanie Dawson
  10. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Special Edition Preview by: Denise Mina
  11. The Haunting of Pussy Willow Manor by: Kevin Guest

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