List of 14 FREE Nook Books from Barnes & Nobles!

Have you been looking for a new Nook book to curl up with next to a warm fire? Well look no further! I have the list for you, with 14 books to choose from and they are all F R E E!  

  1. The Mountains Money by: Jan Tailor
  2. Under the Aspens by: Elizabeth Sherry
  3. Enough Good News by: Audrey McKay
  4. Oceans Fury by: Mr Adam Santo
  5. Out by the Trees by: Max Tomlinson
  6. The Watchman's Daughter by: Robin Gilbert
  7. A New Twist On An Old Christmas Carol by: Ethelle Gladden
  8. NO EXIT (The Apple Grove Gang 1) by: Hamilton C. Burger
  9. A Perfect Christmas by: Mary Brewer
  10. The Gatekeeper by: Sam Seudo
  11. Heavenly Blessing (Amish Romance) by: Becca Fisher
  12. Capitol Connections: Mardy and Bean Book One by: M.K. Kelly
  13. Paramount by: Nadia Scrieva
  14. It Was You by: Carly Fall

Be sure and let me know which ones you downloaded. Do you have any recommendations? Don't forget to share this list with friends. Books are always better shared. Happy reading. :)

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