Weekly Meal Plan ~ 11/26 + Leftover Turkey Recipes!

Happy week after Thanksgiving! Did you get good and full? Are you still wobbling from all you gobbling? I know I am. Ha ha. ;-) You would think after all the gobbling I would be out of turkey. But luckily I still have a ziploc full of yummy turkey pieces. So I thought it would be a great idea to serve up another Meal Plan for my readers featuring the beloved leftover Thanksgiving turkey. And to keep us from getting bored I'm trying creative ways to finish off this turkey.  
Enjoy. :-) 

Turkey Dinner Pizza

*Note we omit the cranberry sauce and add turkey gravy...yum. Others have suggested BBQ which sounds great too!

*This is actually a link to White Chicken Chili but I'm going to throw in turkey pieces. 

Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn

Cheesy Broccoli Rice & Turkey recipe

Leftover Buffet with out the shiny pans and heat lamps of course. lol

If you didn't find a recipe you like in this meal plan. Below is a list of Turkey Leftover Recipes you can go through and find what makes your tummy growl. 

Happy Meal planning! As always you can link up at orgjunkie.com for even more great meal plans. Have a great week!

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