Elf on the Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures ~ Day 3

Day 3 and Sugar Plum is at it again. 
We awoke this morning to a surprise in the kid's bathroom. 

The kid's of course enjoyed finding another note from their friendly elf Sugar Plum. I told them that she had to use their bathroom to get all the kid germs off of her. They had broken the 'no touching' rule. So, I used the marshmallow bath to get my point across. 
This made me think of a hot tub. he he he 
My son giggled at this so hard and asked if he could eat one of the "bubbles". 
I asked him if he wanted elf germs on him and he said, "Yea." 
Anything for a marshmallow I suppose. ;)

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If you would like to learn more about the Elf on the Shelf refer back to Day 1 of Sugar Plum's Adventures here. 

I hope each of you are enjoying my Elf on the Shelf series and your holiday season. 

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