Weekly Meal Plan + 6 Pins + a Pot Luck idea! - 1/28

Okay ladies and gents.  I hope you enjoy today's plan. I have added two extra dishes this week. One of these dishes is a meal for a family member. I will try to include this extra meal in my plans for awhile. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for the next time you have a pot luck. 
Now...we shall plan! 

Cheesy Chicken and Stuffing, and Garden Salad
Emily Bites -Cheesy Chicken & Stuffing

Lazy Day Casserole--sausage, potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, Italian seasoning.
Fix and forget it healthy meal: chicken breast crock pot fajitas

Quick and Easy Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans
Weight Watcher Quick

Skinny Turkey Ranch Club Wrap. For lunches...I eat this 5 days a week!!!

Take-Along or Pot-Luck Meal:
Baked spaghetti...with cream cheese. A fellow pinners says...Took to a pot luck. They practically licked the pan clean!

And that is all I have for you this week folks. I hope you found something you enjoy in this plan. Be sure to pin all of these if you haven't already. And be sure and follow me on Pinterest!

Have a great week!

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