Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 3&4!

Day 3

Today the kids woke early for school. They were slow finding their elves this morning. Colton as always, led the hunt while Hallie slowly followed. 

Soon, Colton spotted these alphabet crackers!

They followed the trail of cookies to this drawer.
The kids figured the elves hid in here because cookies are not for breakfast. Silly elves! Ha ha!

Day 4

Today our elves were found on the front door. They were just hanging around on my Merry Christmas sign. 

Sugar Plum was holding a note for the kids.
"Holiday Program Today!!!
We love you!
SP & SB"

The elves prove that they always have an eye on Hallie and Colton with this note! The kids are very excited to sing at school today for their friends, family and their elf friends!

As always thanks for reading. Come back tomorrow for more Elf fun!

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