The Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 11!

Day 11

Each morning Colton wakes up and searches for his elf friends. Today it took him a little longer to find them. Sugar Blast was being very sneaky. He was like a chameleon blending in with his surroundings. 

Oh, what is that? Could it be? An Elf in a Hat!
It wasn't until his Daddy turned on the lights that he saw Sugar Blast perched on top of our tree. He was hiding in plain sight.

Hallie found Sugar Plum over the kitchen table shortly after crawling out of bed. Colton had given up the search for one of his video games.

On the chandelier!

 Only 9 more days left with SP and SB! What has been your favorite hiding spot so far? Keep an eye out Thursday for a special "throw back" photo from one of Sugar Plum's previous adventures.
Once again thanks for reading and have a great day!

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