The Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 14 & 15!

Day 14

Today we found our little friends hanging out in the kids' bathroom. 
Halllie was pretty sure Sugar Plum was trying to help me do some folding. Anyone that knows me knows that I dislike the folding most of all. White sock especially, ugh!
 Colton on the other hand thought Sugar Blast was trying to climbing into the laundry to hide.

Sugar Blast hanging out.
 Day 15
Soon we will be moving to a new home. Hallie has been packing away her dolls to take with us. Here we see Sugar Plum making sure she isn't forgotten in the move.

Hallie didn't find Sugar Plum for several hours. WTG SP!

Sugar Blast ever the ham, sits proudly in plain sight

 Colton has been sleeping on the couch hoping to catch the elves in action. Sugar Blast has been very close by watching his little buddy Colton, each night.
Only a few days left with our little elf friends. Let us know if you will miss them! We sure will. Until next time, thanks for reading. =o)

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