The Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Adventures! Day 1!

They're back!!!

This morning I heard my youngest trotting back and forth down the hallway. He stomps, like a lot of kids do, even big kids like me. I knew this stomp. He wasn't very happy. So, I went into his room to see what was wrong.

He told me he had looked everywhere he could think of for our elves. He said they were a week late already. He was right. We had been sick this week and no elf wants a stomach bug. Everyone was feeling much better so Colton was sure they would be here today. We decided to go looking together. We soon found this little candy cane sticking out of our cabinet in the kitchen.

Colton ran to the cabinet and opened it quickly to find his old friend Sugar Blast. SB had brought Colton several yummy treats for his first day back. Colton even received a couple of Rumble Tumblers! He must of been a really good boy this year.
 Hallie on the other hand was still asleep and had no idea we had found Sugar Blast. But Sugar Plum was yet to be found. We started to check all the cabinets when Colton decided to go wake Sister up. Hallie joined the hunt and we soon found Sugar Plum in more chilly surroundings.
She was hiding in the fridge with a few treats for Hallie and some super chic finger nail polish!
Thanks to Sugar Plum we all had a cinnamon roll breakfast and thanks to Sugar Blast we will have cupcakes for dinner. Sugar, sugar sugar! Ha ha! I sure am glad they only come once a year.
Hallie finds Sugar Plum in the fridge.

Colton with his WWE Rumble Tumblers

 On second thought, I could look at these smiling faces all year long! Welcome back Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast we can't we to see what tomorrow brings!
As always, we thank you for reading! Tune in tomorrow for more elf mischief.


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