The Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 16!

Day 16

Yesterday, Colton decided to touch Sugar Blast. This is a big no-no in the book. Usually the Elves lose a little of their magic when touched. Colton was clever and decided to use an oven mitt. Ha!

I guess that didn't work because Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast decided to teach the kids a lesson.

The elves covered the tree in Colton's underwear and Hallie's socks!

The kids giggled so hard at their elves. Colton promised not to touch Sugar Blast if he promise not to steal his underwear anymore!
Elf giggles are so cute!
Thanks for visiting us once again. We only have 3 days until Christmas! I hope everyone out there is ready for the big day.

The Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 14 & 15!

Day 14

Today we found our little friends hanging out in the kids' bathroom. 
Halllie was pretty sure Sugar Plum was trying to help me do some folding. Anyone that knows me knows that I dislike the folding most of all. White sock especially, ugh!
 Colton on the other hand thought Sugar Blast was trying to climbing into the laundry to hide.

Sugar Blast hanging out.
 Day 15
Soon we will be moving to a new home. Hallie has been packing away her dolls to take with us. Here we see Sugar Plum making sure she isn't forgotten in the move.

Hallie didn't find Sugar Plum for several hours. WTG SP!

Sugar Blast ever the ham, sits proudly in plain sight

 Colton has been sleeping on the couch hoping to catch the elves in action. Sugar Blast has been very close by watching his little buddy Colton, each night.
Only a few days left with our little elf friends. Let us know if you will miss them! We sure will. Until next time, thanks for reading. =o)


The Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 12&13!

Day 12
On this day our elves did not move. We have no idea why. It wouldn't possibly be because someone forgot.
 Never. ;)

Day 13
Last night Colton slept in the living room. And both of our little elves snuggled up next to him on the couches.

Colton was super excited that Sugar Blast had slept right next to him!

Throw Back Thursday fun!

 I've been reading about a lot of kiddos being sick. I thought I would share one of Sugar Plum's adventures, when she wasn't feeling so adventurous. Did you guys know that elf poop looks like chocolate chips? Yeah, I was pretty shocked too. ;)

Well elf lovers that's all for today. We will be back with more elf tomorrow!


The Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 11!

Day 11

Each morning Colton wakes up and searches for his elf friends. Today it took him a little longer to find them. Sugar Blast was being very sneaky. He was like a chameleon blending in with his surroundings. 

Oh, what is that? Could it be? An Elf in a Hat!
It wasn't until his Daddy turned on the lights that he saw Sugar Blast perched on top of our tree. He was hiding in plain sight.

Hallie found Sugar Plum over the kitchen table shortly after crawling out of bed. Colton had given up the search for one of his video games.

On the chandelier!

 Only 9 more days left with SP and SB! What has been your favorite hiding spot so far? Keep an eye out Thursday for a special "throw back" photo from one of Sugar Plum's previous adventures.
Once again thanks for reading and have a great day!


Elf on the Shelf: The Adventures of Sugar Plum and Sugar Blast Day 10

Day 10
Sugar Blast climbs a tree.

Today we found our little friends in two different spots. Above Sugar Blast was found climbing my Peanuts tree.   
Pretty as a princess.

Sugar Plum was sitting near by on the dining room table. This is one of her favorite spots to sit. The kids like it too because they can see her up close.
I hope you all are having fun with our silly elves. Only 10 more days until our elves will be heading back to help Santa on his big day! Are you ready?  Let us know in the comments.