Weekly Meal Plan

Hello readers! Wednesday again and here am just now posting about my meal plan. This week is my little girl's first week back to school after fighting Leukemia. Needless to say I've had double the preperation then most moms. I've had to educate a school staff, organize an assembly for my child later in the year explaining her disease, and get medical release forms signed. Not to mention find time to accumulate, sort and label her school supplies. I've just been doing everything I can to get her going to school the past few weeks. So this week I'm going to take Gayle's lead over at the Grocery Cart Challenge and Improvise!

Click here for more details!

And if your looking for a real plan, with recipes, and photos check out the orgjunkie where at least some moms in the bloggerverse still have it all together. Have a great week friends!

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