Review: Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake DVD

About: Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake” available March 2, 2010. For Ages 3-6
This DVD is designed by two mom-entrepreneurs on a mission to bring the beauty and magic of ballet into the lives of children everywhere. It is a hip new twist on learning about ballet, featuring the Paris Opera Ballet and Students from School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center, Official Academy of New York City Ballet. Our 40 minute DVD is a cool, fun, beautiful show with a brain. Prima Princessa, an animated fairy ballerina, magically transports a group of little girls to see the Paris Opera Ballet perform select segments of Swan Lake. In between acts, the children return home to learn simple ballet steps which are playfully shown mixed into colorful montages of toys, animals, children and young dancers from the School of American Ballet.

The Halton Review: My daughter Hallie, took ballet when she was 4. Around the same time she was diagnosed with Leukemia and was unable to finish classes for that year. She went into isolation soon after treatment began. Two years later and she still misses ballet. She has several DVDs and never hesitates to watch any and all ballet shows she finds on TV. So when the opportunity to review Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake became available to me. Well, I jumped at the chance!
Mary Kate co-creator of Prima Princessa was so excited to tell me about her product that I knew a lot of love had went into it so I was even more excited. Hallie couldn't wait for the DVD to arrive and as soon as it did she popped it into the player. The verdict? She absolutely loved it. She said and I quote,"There is a cartoon ballerina Moma! Oh and real life ballerinas Moma. This is the greatest ballet movie ever Moma. I love Swan Lake Moma. Moma!! It has ballet classes on here too! Moma, they even know the names of the dances like my teacher does!" She loved it I'm still hearing tidbits of the story and about what dances she is learning. She has even started comparing it to her other ballet movies. I think she has a brand new favorite. Hallie decided to take it to a sleepover and share with friends. I think she takes after her moma, when you find a good product...ya share! I recommend picking up a copy for your ballet lover!

Buy it: Would you like a copy of your own for only $6.99? Click over to Amazon and order yours today.

Coming Soon: Spring 2011 Prima Princessa Presents Sleeping Beauty! Head over to www.PrimaPincessa.com for more info and this fun free printable coloring book!

Disclaimer: I received one copy of the Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake for personal review. This is no way obligated me to review this product. This is an honest review of my experience with this company and the DVD. This is my honest opinion an opinion you may or may not share. This review was made possible by networking with The Product Review Place.
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