It's just My Opinion: Week 2

Last week I finally watched the new Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. Sometimes I don't know what to think about movies Tim puts out but I did believe that if there was a world right up his alley it was Wonderland. Besides Johnny Depp makes it very hard to dislike Tim Burton lol!

I went into this movie as skeptical as always but this time Tim got it. The world is magnificent. Helena Bonham Carter is truly funny as the Red Queen. I really enjoyed how they made her head bigger so funny to watch. The funniest quote from here was, "She killed my jabber-baby-wocky?" I cracked up at her and Crispin Glover aka McFly as Stayne Knave of Hearts.

My big grip has very little to do with Wonderland but Tim's view of Alice's life in the real world. If you haven't watched the movie and would rather not have the story spoiled please skip to the end.

In the beginning of the movie Alice is set up by her family. Her mother takes her to a very elaborate engagement party; Alice is not privy too. Two of her dimwitted friends spoil the surprise moments after Alice's suitor informs her to meet him at the gazebo in 10 minutes. The entire party looks on as a painter paints Alice and her would be husband's precious moment. But Alice isn't quite ready for this fellow and asks for a moment. We don't see the party goers again until the end of the movie where Alice's turns down her suitor. Which is all fine and good. I would have too b/c she was being pressured into the engagement by her family. The part that I didn't like is that he was purposefully written and acted unattractive. I really didn't appreciate that little tidbit. I felt that if Alice wasn't ready then she wasn't ready and Johnny Depp himself would not have changed her mind. I just didn't enjoy that they made him unattractive on purpose. What happen to the fairytale love we saw in Shrek? Not a Burton film but still, love is much deeper and I would've really liked to see someone Alice was attracted too. So when she made the decision to not accept his proposal she wouldn't have lost so much of her heroine status or came off as superficial. As is, Alice seems to step all over a nice guy who did nothing wrong but wipe his nose when he thought no one was looking and happens to have an overbearing mother. But I suppose if he had been handsome he would've been kissing another woman like her brother-in-law.

Overall, I loved this movie. Tim Burton may not have the "real world" down but he mastered Wonderland in my opinion! I would preview this entire movie before sharing it with your children. They're are a lot of "iffy" spots for kids. I give it 4 out of 5 stars, this is truly a new classic, but of course it's just My Opinion!

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~Lisa~ said...

I've been meaning to watch this movie. I love Johnny Depp and Burton tends to do a good job. You got me wanting to watch this now! Must rent it soon.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

I agree, it's not a great movie for my kids, they are too little but I love it when Mr. Burton and Mr. Depp get together!!!

Newest follower in the house! Can't wait to come back.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner