Thankful Thursday

It has been a couple of weeks since I had a chance to write up all the things I am thankful for. The reason being I had lost my Granny. I was not feeling very thankful lately. But I am feeling thankful today and I wanted to share with my lovely readers.

As always these are written down as they come to me!

1. My Father in Heaven.
2. My Brother in Jesus.
3. My Family that I have built for myself and God has blessed me with.
4. Another month of good counts and no cancer for my daughter.
5. A new school year.
6. My 2 year old is well on his way to being completely potty trained.
7. My Mamaw and Papaw are in Heaven together again for the first time since 92’.
8. My homemade clothing detergent works great.
9. I’m feeling accomplished on my blog because I have been invited to participate in a Blog Tour in Sept.
10. My past and the strength it has given me to rise above it all.

And last but not least…

Our troops. I have an opinion piece I’m working on for next week. I’m really focused on the troops right now because my baby step-brother just joined the Army and my husband has a cousin that just joined the Marines. I am so thankful for each of these boys and every man that goes into the service for my freedoms.

What are you thankful for today? Have you had a chance to check out my giveaways today? I’m pretty thankful to my sponsors. I hope you are too. If you like you read consider following me or subscribing to stay up to date.

God Bless you!


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