Tutorial: Easy Cute No Heat Sock Curls

When I first joined Pinterest one of the things I wanted to learn about the most was new ways to fix my daughter's hair. We had done the ponytails, braids, and pigtails to death. And I didn't want to fry her hair with curling irons and flat irons. Early on I found some great tips on how to curl hair, without heat, with socks.  Best part, you should already have everything you need in your bathroom and sock drawer! We had to try it. We loved it and I thought my readers would too. So...ya interested? Good, lets get started. :)

Things you will need:
1. Freshly Shampooed Towel Dry/Wet Hair
2. 5-10 Dress Socks depending on how much hair you have to work with.
3. Curling Mouse, Gel, or Spray
4. Finishing or Hair Spray
5. Comb
6. Clips to hold hair up in sections. I used whatever I could find in the house. I think I used a pencil for one. ;)

After you've finally wrestled your child in and out of the shower make sure to dry the hair as much as possible with a towel. If the hair is too wet the curls won't hold. Okay now work some of the Curling Gel throughout the hair, scalp to tip. Now comb and divide the hair into sections, clipping each section up and away from the section you'll be working with first. Remember the bigger  sections will form more of a wave and the smaller sections produce a tighter curl.

Take your first section and comb it straight, take your first sock and wrap the hair keeping it flat and curling the tips under from tip to scalp. Make sure and tuck any loose ends in while your rolling or those pieces will not curl. Now have your child hold the wrapped hair and the sock down with their hand while you tie the ends of the sock together. It's okay if the sock knot is loose from the scalp and moves freely. Repeat this step with each section until your child's hair looks like the picture below. Now spray the knots with hair spray and tuck your kiddo into bed.
 In the morning the knots will have slipped out a little as they are slept on. No biggie, just untie the socks and pull your beautiful curls out one by one. Use your fingers to style the hair and spread the curls out evenly and around the face.  Spray the style with hair spray and your done.

You could also pull one side up with a bobbie pin, pull the sides up into a half pony, add a braided head band, or leave it loose like we did here.

If you need more help with this one here is a video from Babesinhairland.com on Pinterest. They have countless styles, tips, and videos to help you make your child over everyday!

I hope you have fun with this one we sure did. We still get a giggle using Daddy's old socks to fix her hair. :) Remember to like, share or pin this one if you enjoyed it, THANKS.
Have a great day!


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