10 Steps to Create Your Own Spa Day at Home + 17 Free Songs from Amazon!

10 Steps to Create Your Own Spa Day at Home

This will take some prep work on your part. So plan ahead the end result is so worth it. Just remember you deserve it. :)

1. Schedule some alone time without the kids. I know this step alone is performing magic but do not give up. Your day will come and when it does you'll have this nifty list to help you relax!

2. Before the actual day think about what you want to have on your spa day. A facial, mani, pedi or the whole pie? Whatever it may be a plan is needed. We have major relaxing to do. I'm going to go with a nice candle light bath in my hot (bath) tub, a pedi, and a facial. I usually do a conditioning treatment on my hair also. You just use a shower cap and your favorite conditioner. [Generously condition your hair and cover with the cap. Let set as long as desired. I leave it for an hour or more. Wash your hair and viola salon hair. ]

3. Now that you have an idea of what you want you can either go through your cabinets and pull out your expensive stuff you've saved since Christmas, use up some of those free samples, or make your own. I like to do all three. Gives me a chance to try some new things and feel all frugal. Here are links to my favorite concoctions. 

-Homemade Facial Scrubs
-Bath Salts
-Massage Oil
-Hand Cream
-Foot Soaks

4. You may want to pick up a few 'spa essentials' at the grocery store. Fruit, Tea, Croissants, and Chocolate definitely chocolate.  

5. Kick everyone out of the house. Close the blinds, pull the curtains, light scented candles, and start up this Free Relaxation & Meditation digital sampler.  Pull on your favorite comfy robe and apply your conditioning treatment and facial masks.

6. Pour yourself some tea, have a nice sandwich on your croissants, and dip the fruit in the chocolate. You could sit with your back against a massage pad and soak your feet while you enjoy your food.

7. Run a nice hot bubble bath, add flower pedals if you have them, and bath salts. Light candles and turn off the lights. Try not to fall asleep in the tub, it is dangerous. You could set a timer if you are alone just to be safe. 

8.  Once you have done all your soaking, salting, and conditioning its time to rinse. Lotion would be good at this point to hold in all the lovin' you just gave your skin. 

9. Next give yourself a nice pedicure from the lotion to the polish. I have all the essentials here at home and I can get a pedi done without the cost. You can too with very little investment. 

10. To end your day curl up with a good book or seeing as the children and hubby are away... SLEEP, yes...sleep is good. ;-)

I hope you enjoy your Homemade Spa Day and don't forget to download your free Amazon music sampler here with 17 songs!

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