Weekly Meal Plan ~ 9/17

Is it just me or has Pinterest really gotten better lately? Maybe its my love of Fall weather and all the things that come along with it. But Pinterest is just so fun right now. I've found tons of new crafty pins for Halloween and of course yummy recipes! So this week my meal plan will be full of Pinterest finds. Are you ready to get pinning? Great! Now pin me right quick by pushing the Pinterest button in the top right corner or by clicking here. Now lets meal plan!

First up this week...

My "Go-to" Chicken 
This is a one dish meal and it is so good. I've made it twice, threw it together in under 5 mins and my family raved over it. I'm thinking of trying the same method with ranch and chicken or even swap the chicken out with pork. So good!

Meal number two for the week...

Taco Doritos Bake
My family was amazed by this recipe. I have to admit it was really good. I was surprised by the flavor. I did omit the can of diced tomatoes for kidney beans and corn, to make it more of a meal. They loved it and I thought it was really good also. I hope you enjoy it.

Next up...
Italian Chicken Soup
We haven't tried this recipe, yet. I am really looking forward to it. If you recall I blogged earlier here that I love to store rotisserie chicken in my freezer. I also make my own broth so I should have everything I need for this one this week. But I will be omitting the jalapeno. LOL No. Thanks. ;)

Last but not least...

Pizza Rolls
These are very easy to throw together and the kids could help. I made mine with hamburger once and they were gobbled up quick.

And finally...

After that pin-fest, we will have one really great Leftover night! I hope you enjoyed my plan and the pins. Be sure and let each original pinner know how much you loved their recipes. And don't forget to check out the orgjunkie.com  for even more Meal Plans!

Have a great week readers!

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