Heads Up! New Scooby Doo Halloween Trick or Treat Buckets at McDonalds!

Halloween is only 2 weeks away! I know can you believe it? It was just yesterday that I put my son in preschool. Now the weather has turned cold and we got Trick-or-Treating to do! I'm getting excited about it though.  I love dressing up the kiddos. And last year we used the Trick-or-Treat buckets from McDonalds. Admittedly the size limits how much candy you can carry at one time. The trick is to just fill a shopping bag between houses. Of course you could always say once the bucket is full we are done. Whatever works for you. ;) Anyway, we had so much fun with these last year that I knew I had to give you guys a little heads up in advance.

So...FYI: They will be featuring these great Scooby Doo buckets with stickers. Beginning the second week of October, when you buy a Happy Meal at any participating McDonalds restaurant, you will receive your Happy Meal in one of these buckets.

Happy treating your kiddos with these great little Halloween buckets from MickeyD's!

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