Elf on the Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures ~ Day 19 & 20

Day 19

On this day my daughter lost not one, but two teeth! She was dancing around all afternoon singing about how the Tooth Fairy and Sugar Plum would get to meet. 

There was just one problem. 
Apparently, Fairies and Elves do not get along very well. If you have seen  A Fairy Odd Christmas you know what I'm talking about
The kids must of forgotten because they didn't expect to find Sugar Plum hanging from our wreath on the front door. The tooth fairy had come, but it does not appear as though she was allowed inside. 
According to Miss Sugar Plum's note, relations between the Fairy and Elf communities are still...strained. 
I hope my garden Gnomes are still welcome! 
The kids enjoyed this very much and had to watch A Fairy Odd Christmas all over again. 

Day 20
With Sugar Plum safe outside, my son decided it would be a good time to open up some of his presents. Luckily, I had thought ahead and wrapped all of his gifts in pink. He knows what his sister is getting from us but not himself. 
My husband decided to handle the situation like MacGyver. o.O

Sugar Plum decided to find a nice spot to watch over the tree and gifts. 

With the combined efforts of Miss Sugar Plum and my husband I'm pretty sure the gifts are safe!

Well folks, that is all for this installment of Elf mischief. Come back soon for more laughs with Sugar Plum and her Adventures.
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