Elf on the Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures ~ Day 4

Welcome back to Sugar Plum's Adventures!

This morning we found Miss Sugar Plum with this adorable Christmas scene. She had borrowed a couple of our ornaments, my t-shirt,  and a few Christmas decorations to finish her North Pole scene. 


The little sleigh she is sitting on usually sits on the top shelf, in between the two photos sitting on their side. I normally have the Christmas tree candle, sitting in the middle of the two photos, on the second shelf on the right hand side. We were curious about the ribbon until we followed the line down to the couch. 

My kids figured that she had most likely rode the ribbon down to her snow scene on the sleigh she is sitting on.

The really neat part about the whole scene is that the lights on that wreath pictured, were broken. Miss Sugar Plum must be a tinker elf because as you can see, it's working great now!

My son actually loved the little marshmallow snowman the best. 
He's pretty cute. 

My daughter especially enjoyed watching Sugar Plum giving one of our ornament elves a ride.

Thank you for reading about our Sugar Plum today. Please come back tomorrow to enjoy the next adventure! 

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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