It's just, My Opinion: Week 1

I have an opinion, on just about everything. The truth is I hold back here, to the point that I feel the entire blog is suffering. I have my reasons as to why I analyze every word I write and that will remain nunya, for now. lol The point is I read books, watch movies, read blogs, and I have a bit of a television addiction. This article will be the first of many "It's just, My Opinion!" pieces. I hope to get a McLinky started soon for others that would like to join in. So here goes...

I love Soaps. Yes. Soaps, you know Daytime Dramas! I also love Realty Shows. I know! How am I typing this right now. These shows are suppose to be the worst of the worst right? Nah, I honestly think they offer a lot of escapism. Seriously, everytime I see Stephano Dimeria sticking it to a Brady I know my problems are less...dramatic. A good cry every now and then is good for the soul too and I often laugh until I cry at Dorian or David Vickers on One Life to Live. It may surprise you to know the number of huge A-list celebs that got their start in soaps. Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Demi Moore are just a few!

Recently, Days of Our Lives said goodbye to the matriarch of the show Alice Horton and I have to say this storyline was what made me fall in love with soaps in the first place. Family! They showcased Alice and what she meant to her family and how she had helped some of them find love. This is what soaps were about. I think that when soaps lost that focus they lost a huge piece of who they are. But soaps still serve as a gateway out of this world into one that is so much more absurd and fun!

If you happen to find yourself flipping through the channels tomorrow while folding your 100th load of laundry stop on a Soap and enjoy. I'm sure you'll find something better there then in the first episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, AGAIN. No offense Toodee It's just, My Opinion!

Come back next week for another installment of It's just, My Opinion! Feel free to leave your IjMO! links below in your comments. :)

Have a great day!
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Hazel said...

I don't watch Soaps anymore, but I remember my mom was a huge fan of "The Doctors", "Another World" and "Days of Our Lives". I used to be so addicted to them and can recall sitting in class passing notes to the boy behind me as his mom taped the shows so he could watch them when he got home from school. He kept me up to date that entire school year!

I stopped watching them long ago, but I have to admit, once in awhile, the channel will stop on "Days..." and I can't help but sit and watch to see who is kidnapping who and if Bo and Hope are still together!

Thanks for the memories!

amweeks said...

I'm just finally seeing this post & thank you for it! My mother claims that some of my first spoken words were "like sands thru the hourglass, so are the days of our lives"! Like Hazel's mom, mine also watched Doctors, Days of Our Lives & Another World (to this day, Rachel is one of my fave Soap characters ever). And I'm saddened to hear of Alice's passing on the show. Although I don't watch the show, my mom came to stay with us for a month & a half over the holidays this past year and she started to get me hooked on it again! I myself grew up watching Luke & Laura on General Hospital after school! Thanks for the cheer for Soaps!