Thankful Thursday

Psalm 107:1
O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

I've always been interested in participating in the Thankful Thursday memes and I'm so happy to get started. To learn more about how to participate in Thankful Thursday click the link about.

Today I am Thankful for...

1. My husband and children, who gave me and made me apart of the best family ever.
2. Remission!
3. Prayer, I never feel hopeless b/c I have prayer.
4. Jesus that made that prayer possible.
5. My Mamaw, even though she is not well right now I had an amazing Mamaw for a very long time.
6. Realizing as I grow older that "My Daddy always said" is my favorite quote.
7. Realizing Daddy was right. :)
8. Having a Daddy that loves me unconditionally without sharing a drop of blood. He would never leave me no matter what.
9. My Mom!
10. Summertime without cancer and outdoors with God!

These may be numbered but I don't conside these in any particular order. This is how they came to me. I'm thankful for so much more. God has blessed me in so many ways. I truly hope to share with you all the blessings God has poored on me through this very rewarding meme.

God bless and love!

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~Lisa~ said...

We often forget to give thanks. What a wonderful thing this idea called "Thankful Thursday."

~Lisa~ said...

By the way. Please stop by my blog to receive your Sunshine Award!