Weekly Meal Plan

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I love One Pot Dishes. They are just so great. They always seem to be comfort foods and they cut back on the clean up. I've found my summer version of this favorite cooking style and that is the Hobo. I posted a hamburger hobo a while back and the family loved it. I thought it was time to break out the chicken and the foil.

I wanted to note that my meal plans are usually 4 meals maybe 5. The weekends are always up in the air with my family scattered. I usually just want to veg so my weekends consist of leftovers. Throwing a little extra in each meal during the week insures that each family member will have a meal on the weekend. We also do sandwiches and the dreaded take out if necessary. So with that out of the way lets meal plan!

Chicken Hobos
Crock Pot Chili
Kwick Kielbasa Hash
Poverty Meal
Leftover Buffet

I hope you enjoyed this One Pot Meal Plan. If you still need help click over to the orjunkie now for more great meal plans. Don't forget to enter my book giveaway ending Wednesday!

Have a great week.
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