Birthday Planning!

Well ladies and gents I usually refrain writing posts about why I am M.I.A. b/c it is usually personal. But this time it is joyous and I must share. I have a birthday to plan for this amazing little beauty.

She turns 7 and has requested a Luau Party. Thanks to Dollar Tree we found a lot of decorations very cheap. My good friend is doing the cake, Luau style. She loves shrimp and I found a recipe for Shrimp Spread Recipe that I am going to try along with Pimento Spread and Chicken Salad finger sandwiches on various breads. She must have her carrots and ranch so we'll have a veggie tray. Daddy enjoys his 7-Layer Taco Dip so we'll have some of that with a couple of different chips. We'll have some ice cream to go along with the cake! We plan on having the kiddie pool, slip n slide, and sprinklers going weather permitting.

That is only half the work that needs to get done! Back me up ladies we also have to clean every inch of our homes inside and out to prepare. Every birthday I feel like I'm going back to my pregnancy and nesting all over again. So that is where I will be this week away from Blogland and falling down the rabbit hole of cleaning rugs, curtains, walls(child artists),etc etc. Oh and grocery shopping, gift shopping, wrapping, cooking, decorating, and entertaining with a smile on my face.

Have a great week friends! My apologies for the lack of meal plan we're eating whatever until this party is over. lol

Happy 7th Birthday baby Moma loves you!

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