Weekly Meal Plan

While the kiddies are away Moma won't be cooking today. My kids are out of the house for the week, you gotta love camp and grandparents! So the hubby and I will be winging it. Whatever we can find in the cabinet we're eating. I know there are cans of tuna, cans of soup, and some freezer meals I can microwave for us. I am going to throw some Spaghetti together b/c we can eat on that for days. So this my unofficial unplanned meal plan.

Tuna Salad Sammies
Mini Burgers on the grill.
Tortilla Soup for two from the Freezer.
Oh and maybe a night out to Panera. :)

I hope you all have a great week. I plan on cleaning, sleeping late, and doing as little as I can get away with. Have a super week!

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