Weekly Meal Plan

We had a lazy weekend. I visited with my mother Saturday afternoon and we spent Sunday piled up together. My daughter and I finished her homework awhile ago and we have logged in 180 minutes of reading this week. I also have two giveaways you might be interested. I also have been working on a Meal Planning tutorial and I have an opinion piece I’m finishing up. I feel pretty accomplished. I’m ready for the new week. I just need to know what we will be eating.

So let’s plan…

I have been craving Vegetable Beef Soup for awhile. Something as simple and good I should be making this weekly. Don’t forget to check out those giveaways be sure and subscribe to qualify for all of The Halton Mom’s giveaways.

Happy Monday!

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Ruby said...

Hi sorry I'm late thanks for visiting my blog on friday! I love planning ahead and i love all things in crock pot! have a great week!

The Halton Mom said...

No worries Ruby, glad you made it in. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Do take a few minutes to look around and enter my giveaways. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi new friend, I am now following you via MBC.