Elf on the Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures ~ Day 16

If you have been reading all about Sugar Plum up to this point you already know that yesterday was a slow day for our little elf. She did have a note from Santa due to poor behavior from the kids. This is very important business of course but, not very exciting for the little ones. They made their minds up to 'Be Good' from this point on.
Their efforts must of paid off! If you look in the left bottom corner you will see that Sugar Plum has a gift for them today!

My kiddos were so excited to find their Sugar Plum back in action. They caught her wrapping a gift and writing their initials on the Christmas tag. 

They couldn't wait to open it.. so they took the package carefully trying not to touch Sugar Plum. They were so happy to find that she had left them the Elf on the Shelf movie! The kids watched it all day today. This has reaffirmed to them that good behavior can lead to good things! 
Thanks Sugar Plum and Santa! ;o)
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