Elf on the Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures ~ Day 23

Who knew the day before Christmas Eve could be so much fun?
 This morning we found our little elf on our kitchen table with a Gingerbread Cottage Kit! 
She left the kids a note that read,
"Build it, before I go." 
Sugar Plum even had the first piece of candy picked out for the kids.
The kids didn't waste anytime at all. 
They got to work right away. 
They were very creative with their use of icing and sugar. Although the icing was whipped and did not work for snowmen building. 
They were very pleased with the finish product. 
They had so much fun building their Gingerbread Cottage for their elf friend. :)

Well elf lovers, only one day left with Sugar Plum. 
At least this was one day the kids will never forget. 
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