Elf on the Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures ~ Day 24

How did Christmas get here so quickly? It seems like yesterday that Sugar Plum first arrived with Elf breakfast.  We just can't believe it is her last day. But the good news is... 
 Santa will be here tomorrow!
This morning the kids awoke to find Sugar Plum perched in our Charlie Brown tree with a couple of new friends for the kids and a new book!
She had also left them a very sweet letter.

H & C,
Today’s my last day 
I must say goodbye.
Tonight I must go,
To the North Pole, I’ll fly!
But Santa will be here.
With gifts and good cheer.
And I get to come back,
The same time next year!
So remember to “Be Good“.
And take care of yourself. 
Never forget all the fun times
With Sugar Plum the elf!

I miss you guys already!
Sugar Plum

Santa made this suit… just for your elfie 
So on my last day I could have a hug, from you guys to me!

The book and new friends are for you to remember Me by!
 Hugs and Kiss,
We sure will miss her but the kids have been hugging her and saying their goodbyes with smiles on their faces. This tradition will definitely continue next year. We all had so much fun with Sugar Plum and can't wait to see her next December.

I hope all of you have enjoyed her stay as well. You can review all of her Adventures at the link below. 
Have a Merry Christmas readers from Sugar Plum and my family to yours!

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