Elf on the Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures ~ Day 12

This morning Sugar Plum must of been pretty tired from the activities the day before because she didn't do too much that night. The kids found her sitting pretty in our Christmas tree. 
After school that day my daughter was lounging on the couch with her brother's DS. When we left to go shopping she left it sitting on the recliner. 
When we got home we found Sugar Plum sitting on the recliner enjoying my daughter's game. 

My sweet girl was so tickled she immediately sat down beside Sugar Plum to see which game she was playing. It was a 'how to be good' section of her pet game. My daughter's face lit up and I had to snap a photo.
 Here is my beautiful girl with her Sugar Plum. 

Thanks so much for reading. If you are enjoying this series let me know. I would love to include your comments in the book I'm making for my kiddos!
Happy Holidays!

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