Elf on The Shelf: Sugar Plum's Adventures~Day 11

Hello again to all of my elf loving blog readers out there! 
This morning we found our little Sugar Plum hanging from a chandelier in the kitchen. I had photos but I can not find them right now. 
Which makes me sad...
But!  Have no fear...
 I do have plenty of Elf pictures for you today. We did a lot of running on the 11th of December. My kid's like things a little over the top because, they are under the impression that Sugar Plum should move every time we leave the house. Luckily, Sugar Plum was happy to oblige because she used this opportunity to explore the house a little more.  
While they were at school and I was running some errands, Sugar Plum visited my daughter's room for a nap in her Barbie van. She was relaxing with the flat screen once the kid's got home from school that day.

Later, we went out to do a little Christmas shopping and grab something to eat. Once we got home we found that she had moved into our son's room.

My daughter said she was on a date with one of... "brother's wrestle men". 
The kid's loved that she had finally taken time to check out their rooms. I'm just glad she didn't get lost in the clutter. ;o)

Day 11 with our sweet Sugar Plum was awesome. 
I hope you enjoyed it. 
More coming soon!

And please don't be shy! I see a lot of readers following this series... please let me know what you think in the comments. 

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